5 Ways to Use SEO and Email Marketing to drive results

5 Ways to Use SEO and Email Marketing to drive results

While SEO and email marketing together is an integral aspect of any digital marketing strategy, they rarely talk about it together. They have the same goal – generate qualified leads and increase Digital Marketing Company Southampton conversion rates. In this article, you will learn how to combine SEO and email marketing to drive better results.

1. Repurpose Your High Quality Newsletter

To encourage recipients to open your email, read it, and take the desired action, you need to create highly targeted newsletters and insightful. To maximize their visibility and provide value, considering repurposing your newsletter.

By rotating your email newsletter to a blog post, you give users who do not subscribe to your email list insight into what they are missing out. Most importantly, you’ll allow Google to index and rank your content.

You repurpose high-quality Newsletter

When repurposing newsletter, you will need to optimize them for the search engines. This means adding keywords naturally, connects internally and externally, write informative meta descriptions and title tags, keep your content readable and easy-to-follow, adding a high-quality visual, etc.

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2. Optimize Email For the Right Keywords

Striving to serve users with authoritative and relevant content, Google does not prioritize the right keywords match again. Instead, he wanted to understand whether your content aligned with search intent.

Therefore, knowing what they are looking for a phrase is not sufficient. You should know why they are googling them. Regardless of the means of traditional keyword research, you can also use these tools keyword research alternatives like Google Trends, , and Public Responsibility.

When optimizing for keywords, make sure you are in tune digital channels. When the user landed on a website, blog, or special landing pages you via your email newsletter, they should be provided with a consistent user experience. If you do not have experience in keyword research and optimization, there is no shame in consulting an SEO specialist to help you target the right keywords and keeping your digital presence on the brand and relevant across all digital channels.

3. Write relevant and Catchy Subject Line

Writing optimized subject lines similar to creating title tags and headlines for your blog. Just like the Google SERPs, your recipient’s inbox packed with messages from multiple brands. Not having enough time to open them all, people usually click on emails that intrigue them.

Your email subject line is the main factor that determines whether a user will open your email. That is why they should be informative, addressing the pain points of your users. Knowing that your email can provide solutions to their problems, users will be more likely to click on it and read it.

Writing relevant and Attractive Subject Line

This is where keyword research can also help. By analyzing the meaning of keywords, understand what keywords are driving traffic to your site, and optimize your subject line for an exact phrase, you will increase the open rate and CTR.

4. Encourage User Engagement

Apart from generating leads and increase conversions, email marketing is also a perfect way to engage users and build a stronger relationship with them.

Say you’ve just published a new blog post and you want to promote via email. You can begin your email with relevant statistics emphasize the little and the fact of your article. Then, leave a link to your Digital Marketing Companies Southampton blog article and write CTA strong, prompt the user to check it out and leave a comment there. You could also implement a social media buttons to encourage users to share a new piece of content.