7 Types of questions open to ask for sales prospects

7 Types of questions open to ask for sales prospects

Open questions are very important for your sales strategy and close more business. They allow salespeople to find Digital Marketing Company Stafford goals and challenges of prospects without wise without forcing.

Using open open questions will help:

Build relationships

Position yourself as Expert Leaders & Thought

Find Points & Challenges

defines true needs

Discover the destination

Show value of your offer

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What questions are open in sales?

Open sales questions are questions to you prospects for the purpose of discoveries and ways to start a meaningful dialogue. These types of questions are intended for conversations while uncovering important details to advance the sales process.

How do you ask open questions?

You have a meeting of your first prospect – extraordinary! You hyped for sales meetings, ready to assess the potential “suitable” from your prospects. Now you run a preflight inventory:

Arrived 15 minutes early


Company Prospects & Research Slide the deck

Discovery and qualification questions (I think so). Big red flag for me!

I have attended hundreds of sales meetings where I have heard broad and non-specific questions make sales power sound like amateurs. I have been a part of the club and does not understand how to ask the right questions will have an impact on the chances of my overall success.

Question ask tips

They are prospects that don’t suspect – so, don’t interrogate them.

Stay natural – so, avoid mechanical lists.

Having patience – so, slow down the process & let the prospect do 90% of the conversation.

Be an expert – so, if you don’t know the answer says you get it.

You are there to help not sell – so, sink conversations with jargon & tactics.

Solution oriented – So position your product or service as a “The” solution.

Avoid closed questions

Most salespeople rely on three types of same sales questions:

Questions collect general facts

Question assessment question

Secure and flattering questions to build relationships

While this type of question is valuable, they are more effective when combined with a stronger type of sales question. Which allows prospects to share their biggest challenges and opportunities.

Examples of open questions.

Asking good open questions at the beginning of the sales process is the best way to start a healthy dialogue and assess the appropriate potential. However, what are the best open questions? Here we have compiled an example of the 7 top questions to ask:

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1. Fact collection questions

Ask questions about gathering questions – “What is your competitive advantage?”

Ask for one or two sales questions to collect facts to collect backgrounds, insights and contexts that will help you learn about how the unique business of your prospects.

However, limit this type of question Digital Marketing Companies Stafford because they offer a little value on the prospect. Asking too many of these questions can damage your credibility and make you sound without information.

Sample question

“What do you think your service or priority services?”

“What is the purpose of your website?”

“What is your competitive advantage?”

Questions to avoid

“How long have you been in business?”

“What is the size of your company?”

“How many people work?”

Why? Because you “must” know the answers to these questions. Don’t let the prospect feel you are not ready.