A Business Of The Need For Change

A Business Of The Need For Change

The world has changed. Not only has the world economy is closed, but people are also on the edge. This is probably Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford because we could not leave our homes, and this can lead to isolation.

It’s easy to get scared and conservative in all areas during the upheaval. I went through my own time of distress and grief, but I am glad that I have people around me that motivates me to keep moving forward.

We have many family members working in the health industry, and talk with the caregiver was eye-opening. Each family member has their own story about the ill health personnel and how our hospital is overwhelmed and turned into a battlefield.

Along with the ongoing chaos in the hospital, my wife and I began to see first hand how nervous people see in grocery stores or other public places. Who knew that the most risky part of the week we will step out of the house and get eggs and milk.

Crazy times.

Instead of being a victim, we want to take action and provide solutions to our society. We see that Amazon and other outlets out of a face mask, and the family we want to help.

Beginning Of A Business Of An Idea
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had humble beginnings, and it is the idea of ​​my . In one of our daily walks around our neighborhood, “You know, I wanted to do something to help people who can not get a face mask.”

In the normal way, Ayasha put a “sensitive, feely” business vision to make a mask and provide our community while also giving masks themselves to people who can not afford them / need.

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I’m not compassionate as Ayasha, but I knew he was on to something right when he told me about a business idea.

True, when we got back from the walk, we began discussing the idea with my mother, who happens to be a great tailor, and we started fleshing out the overall concept and vision of the business.

Entrepreneurship: Building A Business To Provide Solutions
From the moment we started talking through a business idea,
I started to implement processes and strategies
I learned during my time in StarterStudio. We know that we must validate our concept, competition research, product design, and focus on strategic go-to-market to provide value as soon as possible.

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It was a whirlwind of brainstorming, cut patterns, and create an online platform to sell our products. We must focus on the end goal to validate our assumptions in accelerated mode, including:

Validation Our business idea: We use the process outlined by the State Idea Accelerator for research needs for our potential products. This phase is quite easy because we can see the Amazon and Walmart to see the mask out of stock. We also spoke with 20 friends and family members to learn their needs and see if they would be interested in buying masks from us.
Collect Feedback From Customers Potential: Once we validated our business, we collect feedback from a core group of friends and family. We designed and produced 20 masks (they look ugly) and send them. We ask the recipient to wear a mask and give feedback. It is easy for us using the online form with a few questions, and we received some great feedback which helped us design better products.
Specify A Sustainable Business Model: We can make the best masks, but if we can not differentiate our business and make money, then we will not be able to help our community. We determine the Digital Marketing Companies in Stafford cost of materials, the cost of competitors’ products, and weighing factors to how many masks we can make per hour. We found the sweet spot to charge reasonable rates while maintaining high quality.
Communicating our business: we do not mask masks paper thin, and we add a bag for the mask to allow the user to add the filter.