Content and email marketing … all you need to know

Content and email marketing … all you need to know

And in fact, 77% of people prefer to receive promotional messages via email permission-based, compared to direct mail, text, phone, or social media. This makes email marketing a wonderful Digital Marketing Company Sheffield way to connect with people. Plus, the beauty of having consumers opt-in ‘to receive your content, is that you know they’re interested in your service, because they are already engaged.

To keep your numbers grow and your readers interested, while also generating traffic to your website and social media channels, you need to create an email campaign instructive and inspiring. Something that will change everyday life for the better of your clients.

Things that need to ask yourself when developing content include:

How can you make your client’s life easier? What problems can you solve for them with your content?

What can you teach them?

Why should customers choose your product or service? What makes it different from your competitors?

Email marketing can reveal a lot about which campaigns are working for your business and why. By measuring the sign-up and open and click-level, you can follow what your clients are most interested in, which is a super handy tool.

So, to get you started, here are some tips on how to make the most of your email marketing.

Know how to talk to your audience

To do this, you must know who your audience, define your target audience and comparing this with the client / customer list drawn up a sign-up email marketing. Are you talking to the right people? How can you tailor your message according to their specific needs or fix a specific problem?

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Quality over quantity

We believe this strong. You do not want to burden people with useless information. You also do not want to say you will be sent an email two weeks, only to have them land in their inbox everyday. Nobody likes a spammer, right? However, consistency is the key here. Select the frequency that you know you can defend from the perspective of content and resources, and stick to it. The goal is to build trust, and ultimately, connection and loyalty.

Focus on your core values

Tell the story of your brand. Your marketing strategy should revolve around the brand and the value of your company’s shares. This gives the audience an idea of ​​who you are, what you would like and make it easier for clients to establish a connection. Maybe they need a reminder of who you are and why they liked you so much to register in the first place.

Get whitelist

You do not want to put in all the hard work in creating a great campaign and content, build your email list and distribute them, only to have them landed in the spam folder. While most of the leading email service providers are working hard to make sure your email is not blocked, the message may still end up in spam. Getting the white list is the most effective way to ensure that your emails reach your clients.

Your goal is to be added to the recipient’s address book, and you can do this by giving instructions on how to do it, at the top of your email, especially in the first “thank you for registering” email.

Call to action

Whether it’s a new product or service launches, events, or new blog post. For your email marketing to be effective, make sure it has a call to action: to RSVP, to be directed to a blog post or make contact about a new package etc. Whatever it is, you need to offer value to your client list for them to be interested.

You do this by email qualities that can display the balance of friendly note, the pitch of the new bid and they may have missed posting on social media channels. Getting the right balance Digital Marketing Agency in Sheffield is important, you do not just want to sell or talk on your clients. Remember, the whole idea of ​​email marketing is to strengthen the connection and relationship building, which then translates to sales.