Despite the huge popularity of WordPress, Drupal is still one open-source conten

Despite the huge popularity of WordPress, Drupal is still one open-source conten

Best scene must be clean, professional, and responsive on both desktop and mobile devices. Below is a list of 21 of the best Drupal themes currently available for purchase.

1. Bank Drupal themes (Demo)

The theme for the banking and finance sites have a clean professional design. green elements placed above fair Digital Marketing Company Southampton layout pleasing to the eye of the user. banners round the theme of a modern look. customer testimonials as well as Google Maps, where you can show your company’s physical locations, delivering even more reliable picture of the company’s website.

Bank Drupal Themes

2. Drupal Templates Logistics Agency (Demo)

The theme for the logistics and transport site has an attractive, dynamic layout. eye catching slider visitors and encourage them to explore the website further. The main menu has lowered position on the page. Progress bar help authors describe complex information, so it is easy to understand. parallax effects add depth and perspective to the layout.

Simplicity Drupal Themes

3. Simplicity – $ 40 (Demo)

The third entry in this list is, in many ways, a classic minimalist Drupal theme. a simple tab layout allows for a good website clearly and efficiently structured and sleek icons fit with the overall theme that the designer was aiming for.

Simplicity Drupal Themes

4. Webstudio – $ 45 (Demo)

By far one of the most themed -rated currently sold in ThemeForest, Webstudio is, for all intents and purposes, almost everything you could ask of Drupal design. With an interface that combines tab layout more contemporary with traditional navigation bar plus a full response in the desktop, mobile phones and tablets, it is not difficult to see why.

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5. SpecialOne – $ 45 (Demo)

The most aesthetically -appealing aspect of this leaftree SpecialOne theme is the iconic chunky clean -cut almost reminiscent of a smartphone interface. When this was served with clean and professional -on blue-white interface, the whole package is really starting to look rather nice.

6. Other – $ 45 (Demo)

Featuring full-box gallery Page visually stunning, this  Another theme is the ideal choice for those looking to establish an online photography portfolio of attractive and interesting. Simple and non -intrusive side navigation bar brand across the lawn easier and allows users to focus on the most important aspects: the photo.

More Drupal theme

7. Realia – $ 45 (Demo)

If you are a real estate firm seeking to definitively announce your web presence with a sleek and professional website design, you can do a lot worse than the aviator Realia theme. The main page displays extensively customized consists of an interactive map to your property listing coated with adjustable slider on both sides, this layout  -cut clean and simple to use.


8. Finesse – $ 45 (Demo)

A professional appearance and minimalist appearance often two concepts that go hand in hand, and this tabvn Digital Marketing Companies in Southampton Finesse theme is a very effective marriage of the two. -On orange-white color scheme is very easy on the eye and make sure that your important content will not be considered.