The Pros and Cons of Outsourced Accounting Services

The Pros and Cons of Outsourced Accounting Services

Outsourced accounting services, bookkeeping, and controller services became a more common solution for small businesses today. Why? The benefits, which once were only enjoyed by mid-market and enterprise companies, are getting understood by smaller companies.

With a foreign , U.S. based accounting team, CEOs and business owners have access to knowledgeable, trained staff working to assist their business run better, grow faster, and make extra money . Often at a big cost savings vs. building an indoor accounting department.

Why Do Companies Outsource?

Cost savings that specialize in core business functions and solving capacity issues are primary drivers to outsource. Leading organizations use outsourcing to drive transformational change and improve business results. – Consistent with Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey

Why Outsource – Deloitte

So do you have to consider outsourcing your accounting? Learn When and Why you ought to Outsource Your Accounting

As with any good decision, it starts with weighing the pros and cons so you’ll evaluate whether outsourced Online Bookkeeping Services in Atlanta is true for your organization.


Hiring an outsourced accounting services is usually cheaper and more cost effective than hiring in-house staff to handle the finance function. By outsourcing, you don’t have any attributed overhead costs that hiring an employee would generate, like PTO, insurance , retirement, vacation, Workers’ Comp, and sick days. Also, the worth of getting a whole team’s expertise, instead of only one internal person (or more), includes reducing the danger of non-compliance and unreliable financials – especially for smaller businesses starting out.


With any paid service, scope creep can happen where one task finishes up snowballing into multiple, and it may result in additional costs you weren’t initially conscious of (or forgot about). Make certain to form your month-to-month relationship clear, and expectations set at the start so it minimizes the prospect of this happening. We’ve got a comprehensive 5-step process that you simply can follow to realize clarity on how the on boarding process works, if you’re unsure.


As a CEO, you didn’t enter business to be a trained financial professional overseeing the books. You would like to run your business, and specialise in the general growth and vision of the corporate it. this is often why having an outsourced accounting team has the advantage of proactively, where they will spot red flags before time and notify you about expenditures and income , for instance . Having trained eyes on your finances in the least times can bring considerable peace of mind, also because the confidence needed to form intelligent financial decisions.

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With proactively of an outsourced team DOES come a caveat – you can’t walk down the hall to ask about every single financial event that takes place. Of course, you’ll be ready to call your account manager, get weekly updates and receive monthly reports, but it requires trust in your outsourced relationship.

For business owners, delivering the control of the books can sometimes feel uncomfortable. Starting out with an in-depth on boarding process that defines roles, policies and procedures sets expectations and ensures communication is timely.

5 Tips for a Successful Outsourced Accounting Relationship

Fraud is an unfortunate end in many small to medium-sized businesses with one person at the helm of accounting. That’s because it’s easy to control the books, or have a fake expense go unnoticed for months, or maybe years. There are multiple warning signs which will indicate fraud, and are oftentimes due to a hardship an employee’s browsing, where they feel financial pressure and don’t know what else to try to. Don’t just blindly trust your employee with none controls or accountability – it’s a sure fire sign to go away you wide open for fraud. The way to Establish Internal Controls with QuickBooks®

With outsourced Online Accounting Services, you’ve got multiple pairs of eyes on your transaction processing and reports, which provides increased internal controls. While fraud can never be ruled out 100%, a fanatical team with specific expertise in accounting best practices are going to be much more likely to identify an anomaly than one person who’s probably overburdened and overloaded with work.


There are, of course, benefits to having an employee in-house to answer questions immediately. While an outsourced team is out there , answers might not always be instant. There could also be limitations from not being within the same office. But with the proper outsourced firm , they ought to have good communication policies in situ to make sure your team is out there and straightforward to succeed in . It’s important to weigh the choices on what’s the very best priority – a moment response, or the due course taken to urge the proper answers.

If you don’t establish a communication schedule, and therefore the division of responsibilities together with your outsourced provider, it’ll make an outsourced relationship murky and difficult to manage once it begins. Take the time to debate this, including your goals for the outsourced team.


From advanced bookkeeping and accounting to personalised management reporting and controller services, your outsourced accounting services is meant to reinforce your staff and transform your finance function. It’s not almost maintaining your accounting, but also providing a platform to drive profits, improves income, and grows your business.

Here at Kayabooks, we’ve helped businesses and nonprofits of all sizes; gain the peace of mind, efficiency, and actionable financial intelligence they have to succeed.