Whats App to Launch Free Business App

Whats App to Launch Free Business App

As a Digital Marketing Company Newcastle, we are always looking for additions and changes in the digital world of online communication. On 5 September, the massively popular free messaging services, Whats App released a statement on their blog announced that they will target businesses with the services of the future. The details are not all that clear, but let’s see what it aims WhatsApp to be done and how it can affect user base.

Applications for Business

Statement on Whats App blog explained that businesses have different needs. Consequently WhatsApp works on free app ‘WhatsApp Business’ for small businesses, and ‘enterprise solution’ for larger companies. The possibility of the latter of the two will have an associated cost and will provide a larger business with the features they need to communicate with customers effectively.

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What does this mean

Since WhatsApp left £ 0.69 annual subscription fee in 2016, may be charging big companies will double as a method to monetize applications. For small businesses and individuals Digital Marketing Companies in Newcastle are already using WhatsApp, this seems to be a win-win, because we will receive more features at no extra cost. As an application owned by Facebook, the customer to business interactions can function similarly to that of the Facebook Messenger app.

Will it work?

Since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014, the monthly user base has grown to more than 1.3 billion. The possibility that when the future application of this release, we are all aware. If the feature is useful, people may be using it. Applications could even revolutionize the way businesses communicate with customers, but only time will tell.